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Best gifts for new homeowners

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Did you move or maybe you have a friend who’s doing a housewarming soon? Checkout our list below of gift ideas with which you can never go wrong:

Customized silhouette mugs

You can get personalize mugs for couples with their silhouette printed on them. You just need to supply the maker a picture of the couple and they will take care of everything.

Key Chain

Have a special feature added to a key chain. Add details like a quote, a monogram, or even a clock. The new homeowner will remember you every time they open their front door.

Snack bowls made of stainless steel

The new bowls will be great when they have some friends over to chill and enjoy some good food. They look modern and will never go out of style.

Dart Board

You can also wrap up a dart board with a cabinet to bring some good fun to the new home. Do not worry about missed shots, the cabinet doors are there to protect the wall behind it.

Monogrammed doormat

A good doormat is always a good welcome for the guests visiting the new homeowners. You can get pick a letter for the center of the rug and it should look elegant down their doorway.


You can get them elegant plates which they can use for special occasions or you can also get the homeowners plates with playful designs and fancy shapes. Another option is to have them customized with their initials or a symbol which is important to the new homeowners.