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Practical Tips to control the cost of your home insurance

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

tips-review-insuranceHome insurance costs tend to go up every year and it is too risky if you go without one. You can change policies every year but that will be onerous. It is a lot easier to stay with a home insurance policy that provides enough coverage. Longevity with one provider can also spell discounts for you. Here are some tips to keep the costs of your home insurance down:

Increase your deductibles. You need to set your deductibles to as much as you can afford. Remember that your home insurance will cover for your property and not just the small stuff.

Make some home improvements. Fix your roof, install CO2 and smoke detectors, and install a back up generator.

Go for hip roofs. This kind of roof has the best design to withstand very strong winds. You need to avoid certain areas of your roof that will catch the wind and be prone to damage.

Choose the best location. Get a home in a location that is not prone to flooding, storm, or forest fires. Make sure you will end up in a community that has its own fire department. Make sure you have the property inspected before closing the deal.

Reinforce the structure. Protect your home from the elements by installing window shutters, garage door protectors, and roof reinforcement.

Invest on home security. Keep your family safe from home intruders by installing security cameras, sensors, and alarms.

Do not insure the land. You can exclude the value of the land when getting an insurance coverage. The land will not be burned or stolen so its just the home that you need to cover for.

No necessary coverages. In most residential zones, you do not need to get a coverage for earthquakes. Also discuss possible discounts with your provider.

Renters Without Insurance — Risky Business: 2

Saturday, February 13th, 2010


The reason that this is such risky business is that because you – as the home owner have insurance and your renter does not, you are now responsible for them.  The reason is because they are under your home and under your roof.  A lot of landlords nowadays are not even allowing their tenants to rent without renter’s insurance.

This should certainly be your policy as well, as they can definitely sue you for the damages that they reap if they do injure themselves.  For my fall … I am fine, I am not going to sue but from now on – I am going to ensure that I get renters insurance so things like this are covered.

Stats have shown that over 58% of renter’s do not have insurance … that needs to change and it all starts with you!

Renters Without Insurance — Risky Business: 1

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010


In this blog, we have talked a lot about real estate and the market itself and we have also given you tips and tricks as a real estate agent as well as a buyer or renter.  With that being said, we are now going to talk about something very, very important … home insurance.

If you are a landlord and you are renting out to someone either a room or even an entire apartment, you might want to ensure that they do have renter’s insurance.  This can actually really harm you if they do not have renter’s insurance.

Recently … as of Sunday actually, I fell down the stairs of my rental home.  Now – I personally do not have renter’s insurance.  If I wanted to, because I am not covered and the landlords are – I can actually sue them because I fell down the stairs.  Now … I am not going to do that because I am fine, but what would happen if you weren’t fine?  More on this in the next blog!