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Do’s and dont’s when choosing the best real estate agent for you

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

questionable-agentChoosing the right real estate to work with you has a big impact on the home buying process. Here are some practical tips on how you can get the best real estate agent to represent your home:


  • You need to make sure that you are comfortable talking with the real estate agent. There should be that rapport to ensure that the business will go smoothly.
  • List down your expectations and discuss this with them so goals can be set and achieved.
  • Interview the potential agent very well. Ask for their plans and how they will execute them so you can get the property that you want.
  • Get the right agent. You want to get someone who specializes in buying a $200K property to get your $200K house and not a $2 million worth of real estate.
  • Research very well. Make most of the internet and local listings to find the best real estate agent that you can work with.
  • Ask your friends and relatives if they have worked with an agent that they can recommend to you. Remember though that it does not follow that if the agent worked well for their set up, that the same agent will be a perfect fit for you situation too.


  • Never get a loved on or friend to be your real estate agent. You do not want to put your relationship with them in danger in case the deal does not go well. You need to find someone that you can be professional with, someone you can speak your mind to without worrying about relationships.
  • If you have not picked the agent for you, do not engage with someone until you have made up your mind.
  • Do not get someone who represents both seller and buyer. You have to be wary of transparency issues in these situations.
  • When it is not working for you, you have to be honest with your agent and break it off with him or her. Be respectful and tell them your reasons why you have to let them go.