kitchen floorIf you are thinking of selling your home, you have to make things look in tip top condition. The walls, the roof, windows, and your kitchen must be pleasing to the eyes of potential buyers.

When it comes to your kitchen floor, choosing the right materials from the start will assure that it will be able to survive the wear and tear of all the foot traffic, drips, and spills. As long as it looks good at doing the job, your kitchen floor will surely help in keeping your home at the price that you want it to be at.

There are several kitchen floor options to choose from:

  • Sheet Vinyl – This is a popular choice since they are very resistant to grease, dirt, and other kitchen spills. They are water resistant and will not give you a headache since they are very easy to clean. One downside though is they are prone to scratching and wear as years pass by.
  • Vinyl Tiles – They have all the good qualities of sheet vinyl. Of course, the bad side of sheet vinyl comes along. On a positive note, a bad vinyl tile can easily be replaced with a new one.
  • Ceramic Tiles – Ceramics are very durable, easy to clean, and gives you a wide array of combination to meet the design that you want for your floor. Combine shapes, lines, and pictures to add value to the craftsmanship of the home. One downside of ceramic tiles are the grout lines that come during installation. They are also one of the coldest of floors that you can have.
  • Laminate Floors – They are among the most popular choices for home floorings. Designs are varied and it is up to your imagination how your floor will look like. Laminate floors are also very easy to install. On the negative of the scale, it is very prone to scratching if there will be a lot of chairs or stools on your space.
  • Hardwood – It is the classic choice for most flooring of our living spaces. They are very durable and will go along with any furniture or interior designing. Thanks to urethane and it found its way into the kitchen. Installing hardwood may require help from the experts since they need proper cutting, sanding, and finishing. Damp mopping may also not work all the time for hardwood floors.

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