landscaping-2In landscaping, size and scale are both hugely important factors. Idealy, you want all trees and shrubs to be sized to scale. Specifically, you want them to be scaled to your house. The right scale is crucial, because then no doors, windows, or any other important architectural features will be blocked.

Thus, clearly, the size of your house is a very important consideration. If you have a single story home, you want to stay away from shrubs and trees which are two large. For trees, stick to crab apple trees, redbuds, and cherry trees.

Two story homes, on the other hand, are able to handle a lot of large scale trees, such as sycamores, oak trees, redwoods, and things of that nature.

Do not go overboard with the trees, though. You do not want to cast too many shadows, and besides, having a huge number of trees and shrubs may make prospective buyers worry about how much it will cost to maintain the property.

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